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It is advisable to engage a suitably qualified building inspector to carryout an inspection of the dwelling prior to the 6 month expiry date to identify what may be considered reasonable defects that require builder’s attention.


The inspection focuses on uncompleted defects or omissions identified during the original handover inspection (if available) and documents and reports any additional defects that have arisen since completion of the dwelling, which may include category 1 and category 2 defects (major and minor defects).

Finishes that were accepted by the owner at the time of construction or at hand-over/practical completion may be difficult to repeal, with the exception of non-conforming issues relating to statutory obligations, e.g. building codes and the like.

Our assessments also takes into account and compares with accepted industry standards and practices.

 Category 1 Defects – 

  • adversely affects the structural performance of a building;
  • adversely affects the health or safety of persons residing in or occupying a building;
  • adversely affects the functional use of a building;
  • allows water penetration into a building.

Category 2 Defects –

  • it does not meet a reasonable standard of construction or finish expected of a competent holder of a contractor’s of the relevant class; or
  • it has caused a settling in period defect in a new building.
  • New Home – End of Warranty Inspections – Category 1 Defects (6.5 year statutory warranty period)

Licensed building contractors in have responsibility for category 1 defective building work (leaking roof, leaking shower, health and safety issues, structural inadequacy, etc) of residential building works undertaken by them for a statutory period of no less than 6.5 years from the date of practical completion.

The reason for the inspection is to uncover and report on category 1 defects that may exist.

The inspection will reveal any significant issues which may exist and which may need to be addressed and rectified by the builder as part of the Builder’s obligation under the statutory warranty period.

It is advisable to engage a suitably qualified building inspector to carryout out an inspection of the dwelling, at least 6 months prior to the 6.5 year expiry date.

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