Building Stage Inspections Sydney South West

If you’re building a new property, you want to make sure that it’s properly constructed.
A good way to ensure that codes are met, materials used are as specified and other aspects of the construction process are correctly implemented is to have stage inspections by a certified building inspector.

handover inspection

Stage inspections also verify that the building contractor is adhering to the specified timeline for project completion.

BPI Sydney South West provides stage inspections, pre-handover inspections and builders warranty inspections.

We advise notifying the builder that you have engaged an independent inspector. That way, we can communicate with the builder and schedule inspections as they are needed.

Pre-Construction Inspection

There are several key phases of construction that should be included in stage inspections.

Before work begins, it is advisable to examine the site to document existing conditions.
The building inspector may take photos of the site, including trees, existing structures, perimeter walls, fences, footpaths and curbs. In addition, the inspector may also examine utility meters and mains present on the site.

Construction Inspections

During the construction phase, stage inspections can identify irregularities or defects in the work before they are covered up by the next phase.

All work must conform to the Building Code of Australia, associated Australian Standard and the Home Building Act. We offer inspections for each stage of construction, or for stages that you specify, followed by a report.

Typically, inspections occur at these stages:

• Before pouring the slab.
• Framing, before linings are installed. This inspection includes roof doors, windows, floors and walls.
• Lock-up, including examining exterior cladding, roof covering, fascia, exterior drainage systems and flashings.
• Fixing and waterproofing.
• Final inspection before hand-over.

At the final inspection, the inspector, building contractor and owner will walk through the site to verify that work is acceptable. Any defects will be noted in writing and terms set for rectification.

Building Stage Inspection Reports

We provide detailed reports with photographs within 24 hours of each inspection. Our extensive experience in construction and inspection ensures a thorough examination of the property. We detail in writing the status of construction and note any defects.

BPI Sydney South West is licensed and insured. Inspections are carried out by Chris Mizzi, owner and licensed builder. You can book an inspection by calling 0404486396 or emailing us at

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